A sea of black and pink sequins, leopard print fabrics and yellow tulle  swim frantically together like flashes from a manic lost night. A wall of black and white spasmodic illustrations somehow marry the madness together and just when your entranced eyes think they’ve seen it all, a hand painted hat big enough to fill a room comes hurtling around the corner ready for its moment in the sun. This isn’t a say something hat day, it's a say something everything day and while we may not remember everything from the night before, if we were out with Adam Frost then you know it was a good one.

’'I’ve been failing at what I’ve been doing for ages, but I just kept doing it and things began happening eventually’’

Adam Frost is a Brighton born queer working-class artist now based in London. A graduate of London’s Royal College Of Art, Frost is a multi disciplinary artist that focuses on fashion, painting and performance. As a designer his pieces have been worn by Brooke Candy, Shea Coulee, Princess Julia and most recently Tayce who wore one of his jackets when entering the Drag Race UK workroom. ‘’I’ve been failing at what I’ve been doing for ages, but I just kept doing it and things began happening eventually. I would work and hang out at the same clubs as Taye,Sister Sister and Bimini so while studying fashion and making pieces, moments like making the jacket for Tayce happened organically’’. Shows like Drag Race can be an incredible platform for an emerging drag queen but as the show has evolved, designers can now also use the series as a launchpad by dressing a queen. ‘’You don’t necessarily make money from it unless the queen is paying you but I got a really great responsonse on social media which you just have to use to your advantage’’. That positive feedback was the motivator for Frost’s recent collection ACICLOVIR.

‘’I am a fashion designer and visual artist but I also want to do more performance art. I’m working on a new EP which I want to work into my shows. Basically, if people come to my show I want them to be able to buy the clothes coming down the runway, buy the paintings on the wall and buy the music they are listening to. It’s a lot of work I’m giving myself but I think the reason I’m doing alright is because I do a lot of different art forms and each one flips on each other’’, Frost tells us while modelling a new headpiece over Zoom. ‘’I would love to dress Róisín Murphy and Bjork someday’’, Frost continues while also giving us his best Irish accent which for once, we do find quite funny. ‘’They're not just singers but visual artists who also work in so many different elements and I would love to do the same with them and myself’’.

Frost’s determination is obvious and his talent is as pronounced. While his designs and artwork are wonderfully manic there is an uninhabited beauty in them and a wild erractiness that is as endearing as his mirrored storytelling. It’s an exciting time for the artist who, through an incredibly tough time for any working artist, managed to pull together one of the year’s most exciting collections and while he is still climbing the ladder he appears to also be tossing it to the side and splashing it with paint. Frost is proof that there is not one path or obvious track to success and forging your own way can lead to often much more dazzling innovative results.

Text by Candy Warhol

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