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New Jersey drag artist Luxx Noir London is currently strutting to the beat of her own drum and we have no choice but to follow

Luxx, where are you right now?


Right now, I am in my hometown of East Orange, New Jersey! Things are going pretty well for me right now and I’m super grateful for that! 


As an artist, how have you found the last year and how have you found it when it comes to keeping your creativity?


Well as a human living in society, I have found the last year to be challenging, but as an artist I have found the last year to be quite fulfilling because I have had so much free time to create and find inspiration. 


How would you describe your drag and the inspirations/influences behind it?


I would describe my drag as enigmatic and eclectic because it’s always changing and I draw inspiration from so many different places. I draw a lot of inspiration from the fashion world, fine art and pop culture at large. I also am inspired by my very...chaotic, yet organised way of thinking and curating ideas.


Can you remember a specific piece of art/performer/pop culture moment that inspired you and drew you to drag?


Lady Gaga and her performance of Paparazzi at the 2009 Video Music Awards. 

Can you remember an early pop culture moment/person that resonated with you as a queer person?

Lady Gaga’s album, Born This Way. It made me feel so seen as a young queer person who felt like they would never be able to have a voice. 

Do you have a drag family and if so can you tell us about them?

YES! I am apart of the Haus of Heart and International drag superstar, Monique Heart, is my drag mother. 

Do you have any queer icons that inspire you?

So many! RuPaul, Prince, Lady Gaga, Sylvester...the list goes on! 

As we slowly emerge from this pandemic, where do you dream of bringing your drag and is there anything in particular you would like to achieve?

I see myself winning a Grammy, being in the pages of the magazines, and taking over the world one strut at a time! 

For more information on Luxx Noir London visit her Instagram.